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Argosy Christmas Cruise December 7th preparation

This is for all Harmony Kings members who are going (or would like to go) on Argosy Christmas Cruise December 7th.

First, since George Wilkinson has decided not to go we have an available spot for some Harmony Kings member that would like to participate since we’re allowed 20 singers.

Second, I charted a NW Tours bus to go as I felt that that would be the best way to arrive at Pier 55 at 5:30pm.

Driving to downtown Seattle an finding parking can be a challenge and I feel it would be better for all of us to go together and have fun and singing on the way there and back. I got some unexpected funds so this is the what I decided to do with that. If any one wants to contribute that’s OK but not expected,, just figure what you would have spent on gas, parking, etc. any ways.

Thirdly, If anyone wants a significant other or friend to come along you should probably contact Argosy and get a ticket for them ( about $55 or maybe less with senior discount?) . I called them today (206-623-1445) and they said they only have 25 tickets left to fill so maybe should get one before they’re sold out.

Any comment  or questions please contact Lanny or I, OK?


Keep Singing, It’s GOOD for you!!

Arnie Walter

Harmony Kings 2019 Secretary

206-227-2112 cell