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Member Spotlight: Lanny Gleason

Name:  Lanny Robert—Uncle Jack to my nieces and nephews—PoPo to my grand kids—Lan-Bob to my friends in Texas—also known as “Face” and “Strap” to a very few select peopleSinging Part: Lead—am attempting to sing Tenor

Length of Time in Barbershop: 14 years—Prior to that I was in the South Sound Chorale in Puyallup for two years—various church choirs and Praise Teams—way back in the 60’s and 70’s I was in a group called “Up With People”  Minneapolis Cast

Favorite Memory of Being a Barbershopper: Auditioning for “America’s Got Talent”  and they called us.  Argosy Cruises also a favorite memory. Feeling of having a second family.

Offices Held: VP—Communications (Chorus Manager)–VP Membership—Secretary–Coordinator of High School A Cappella Contest

My First Job:  Helping Dad on the farm—first actual paycheck was being a barber/hair stylist in St. Paul, MN—Then went into the Army for two years—and onto College. First teaching job was in South Sioux City, NE

Hobbies: Singing Barbershop, yardwork, gardening, traveling, Community Theatre, pickling, cross word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles

My Career: Special Education Teacher, Work Experience Coordinator, Special Education Consultant, Multi-Occupations Coordinator for Special Needs Populations

Pet Peeve: People who do not use their blinkers (How hard is it to flip the lever so people behind or ahead of you know that you are turning!!!!)