UPDATE! Mask, Vax & Rehearsal Guidelines (Mar 15, 2022)

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We’re happy to announce that due to improvement in the local health situation and loosening of state restrictions, we are revising our rehearsal health guidelines.

NOTE! Guidelines could change again suddenly due to public health mandates or board decision.

  • Masks are optional, but still recommended.  If you are at a higher risk or desire the extra protection, please wear a mask. All will respect your choice.
  • No proof of vaccination requirement.  Vaccination is still recommended, especially for our most vulnerable members.
  • If you have cold or flue-like symptoms or have been potentially exposed. STAY HOME!  Help keep everyone else healthy!

This is the honor system, so please have respect and consideration for the entire group, especially those most vulnerable who look forward to singing with you, and we’ll get back to normal sooner, with us all safe and healthy.

In-person performances are still gig-by-gig, as the venues may have their own requirements.  Lanny (Chorus Manager) will keep everyone informed.