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Come and Sing

Join us at a rehearsal!  We are starting up in-person rehearsals on August 3rd!  We meet every Tuesday, 7:00pm at Journey Church in Federal Way.

Sit and listen to the chorus, or grab a “guest” book and sing along!

Men and women of all ages are welcome!


So, you love to sing?

Why not join the Harmony Kings?  It’s easy and fun!  We have both men and women in our chorus…

  1. Attend three consecutive meetings of the Harmony Kings…
  2. Make friends, and if you don’t have one find someone to sponsor you…
  3. After three consecutive meeting, and when you feel ready, contact a Music Team member and request a safe and friendly audition…
  4. Fill out the Membership Application for the Barbershop Harmony Society. After you have completed your audition and have decided to go forward, your name will be placed before the board of directors for membership….
  5. Enjoy the fun, fellowship, service, and singing opportunities Harmony Kings has to offer!


Are you interested in becoming a better singer?

Harmony Kings has a tradition of supporting our members, our schools, and our community in making the world more harmonious.

  • Regular workshops and retreats as a chorus, often in preparation for contest or special events.
  • Evergreen District Division II and State Contests – feeback from top-level adjudicators, experts in their fields.
  • Participation in Harmony College Northwest, along with other regional a cappella choruses.
  • Primary sponsors of “Harmony Explosion” youth a cappella music camp at PLU.
  • “Come and Sing” free singing lessons (learn more below)

Come and Sing!

One of our popular programs… check back periodically to see when our next Come and Sing event will be.

​Six Free Voice Lessons!  Discover how beautiful your voice really is.  Join our free “Come and Sing” program to learn about the mechanics of singing and how to use your voice to produce the quality sound it’s capable of.  Open to everyone!  There’s no obligation beyond attending lessons.

​You will learn…

Healthy Singing

Proper warm-up and maintenance of your most personal musical instrument.

Finding your part​

Bass, Baritone, Lead, Tenor.  It’s not always the same as your speaking voice.


How to tell when you are singing in-key and how to fix it if you are not.

Finding your range​

The natural notes your voice can produce, and the proper ways to sing beyond.

Proper Vowel Usage

Sometimes a word is sung differently than spoken, for better musicality.

Finding the message

Improve the impact of your performance by finding the message of the song.

Our last offering of “Come and Sing” was back in 2019.  We hope to restart this program in 2022.  Those who complete the program will be invited to sing with us in one of our next community performances.

If you are interested, please CONTACT US using the email form below.

    I am interested in the upcoming "Come and Sing" program. Please contact me with details.

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    March 3, 2019