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Annual Show

As resident artists of the Federal Way Performing Arts and Events Center, we pull out all the stops to give our fans all we’ve got in our spectacular annual show!

Our next show is our “Community Appreciation Concert” on November 3, 2019, followed by a benefit concert for our veterans on November 9.   (Details Here.)

Our 59th Annual Show will be in May 2020.  Watch this space for details!


Previous Harmony Kings Shows


2019 – “Jukebox Memories”


2018 – “Soldier’s Home Benefit Concert”

2018 – “Community Appreciation Concert”


2018 – “The Weather Girl”

2017 – “America”

2016 – “Reminiscing”

2015 – “Love Letters”

2014 – “Barbershop Through The Ages

2013 – “Laugh In All Over Again”

March 2, 2019