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Please participate in the latest Harmony Kings V-Chorus project to celebrate Independence Day.  This project was originally planned for release on Memorial Day, but to give more members a chance to participate, the focus and release date has been changed.  Sing along with a track from the HK CD while recording yourself in your home, on the deck, in a park, by a flagpole, in your uniform, or anywhere else which fits the mood.  You don’t even need headphones this time if you don’t want, as the audio for the project will come from the CD.

There are more detailed instructions AT THIS LINK, and that’s also where you will upload the video when you are ready. Deadline to upload your video is Friday, June 15.  Please be sure you follow the upload instructions.  The video below gives a demo for recording and uploading on Android and iOS devices.  It solves nearly ALL of the issues folks have had with three of these projects so far.  The rest seem to be trying to email the huge video file (way too big for that), not having the phone connected to WiFi (and the data-plan resisting) or the transfer stopping after the phone went to sleep (resolved by forcing the phone to stay awake, but probably was not on WiFi either).  Only ONE instance out of about 60 uploads so far were not able to be resolved with these methods.

Here is the track from the Harmony Kings CD for you to sing along with. (You must be logged in)

Here is the Sheet Music.  (You must be logged in)

March 26, 2020